The Floating Admiral Musical and visual “Cadavre exquis”. Drawings made by the public on an ipad at an event. Five musicians finished 40 seconds of music written by Dürerstuben. The result is a record hosted in a folded poster.
Mémoires Audio-visual interactive installation about memory, recording sounds when the room was active and “remembering” them when quiet.
Out of the Woods – Logs A limited series of wooden logs were made to host the music of the Out of the Woods release.
Out of the woods

In winter 2012, we hid music in the Berliner Grunewald and we invited the public to take a hike throughout the woods. They could collect the tracks and take them home if they found our hidden spots.

Kunst des schönen Spiels der Empfindungen Vinyl release party as an art exhibition. 150 hand-made covers and four live performances.